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Over 30 years in Radio, Nightclub & Mobile DJ experience! Playing PARTY tunes from the 50's to today's music including Zydeco, Country, Classic Rock, Disco, Motown, Jitterbug, New Wave & much, much more!! PHONE (337) 217-2300 for booking info.

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  PARTY REPORT: Happy Birthday Kresha! Hope you had as much fun as we had with you and your friends! I was visited again by "The Dallas Girls" who started the dancing off early...Kahuna Krazies that dropped in...David, Erika, Brittany, Lisa, Slim, JW, Steve, Bleu, Denise & Shawn, Tee, Trent, Courtney, Danielle, Wendy, Shamus (The White MC Hammer), Kristen, Bookie & Tabitha, Jared ("Safety Dance"), Shonna, Bubbles, etc. Congrats to Stacey & Dustin and Brenda & Lance who just got engaged! Tell your friends...The AFTER THE POOL PARTY PARTY starts May 6 with the Malibu Rum Girls at Big Kahuna's!  Happy Contraband Days!

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Photos by Mark Russell

I apologize for the quality of some of the photos...we had a guest photographer helping out Mike Ray and he wasn't familiar with our camera, as a result some of the photos are a little blurry but I put them up anyway because the content of each photo was worth trying to save...thanks!

  To start the slide show hit the play button next to the thumbnails.

To listen to my "song of the day" while viewing the slide show, use the little speaker icon next to the thumbnails.

I found out that the song takes longer to load up than the program so if it doesn't play right away then click on the speaker to turn it off...wait a minute and try it again. Repeat until the song starts playing (the most I had to wait was three minutes).


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If you like it or don't like it or have problems with it then PLEASE let us know with an e-mail to

There are a total of 73 pictures  to scroll through on this page.


See the 1st B I K I N I ever worn at Big Kahuna's by clicking Tiki Mama...


 Song Of The Day: The New Big Kahuna's Radio Spot now airing on 92.9 The Lake

Wednesday Night Ladies get their 1st two drinks FREE @ Big Kahuna's and then 1/2  priced drinks from 9pm-Midnight! 

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