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Over 30 years in Radio, Nightclub & Mobile DJ experience! Playing PARTY tunes from the 50's to today's music including Zydeco, Country, Classic Rock, Disco, Motown, Jitterbug, New Wave & much, much more!! PHONE (337) 217-2300 for booking info.


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 We're going to use Facebook to notify everyone  when the new pages are up and

 in the Facebook photos section we will put all the birthday, bachelorette, newlyweds, etc. pictures from 2010!


Photos by  Mark Russell

  To start the slide show hit the play button next to the thumbnails.

To listen to my "song of the day" while viewing the slide show, use the little speaker icon next to the thumbnails.

I found out that the song takes longer to load up than the program so if it doesn't play right away then click on the speaker to turn it off...wait a minute and try it again. Repeat until the song starts playing (the most I had to wait was three minutes).


>>>For those of you wanting to put these pictures on My Space, Facebook, etc.,

just double click on the pic and it should open it in a new window allowing you to copy and then paste it wherever you want to put it!<<<


If you like it or don't like it or have problems with it then PLEASE let us know with an e-mail to

There are a total of 170 pictures  to scroll through on this page.


See the 1st B I K I N I ever worn at Big Kahuna's by clicking Tiki Mama...


Big Kahuna's gave away 4 tickets to Schlitterbahn Waterpark on our Grand Opening

courtesy of 92.9 The Lake & Gator 99.5 in a Limbo Contest.

Click on the link below to see a slideshow of that contest.


Big Kahuna's Limbo Contest


Big Kahuna's also held a Jitterbug contest on our Grand Opening with prizes.

Click on the link below to see a slideshow of that contest.


Big Kahuna's Jitterbug Contest




Song Of The Day: Loverboy - "Lucky Ones" (in honor of FRIDAY THE 13TH)

 Click on the speaker...if it doesn't play then click on the speaker again...wait a minute or two and repeat this process until you hear the music.  

PARTY REPORT: Happy Birthday Melinda, Brenda & Ashley! FRIDAY THE 13TH was lucky for us 'cause we got to party with all the Kahuna Krazies...The Friday Night Crew (Sarah, William, Hope, Jackie, (miss ya Sheila)), Scotty, Derreck and his cousin Jason, Ike, Rhonda and her crew, Tim, Kala, Bethany, Erica, Rebecca, Alice, Deborah, Courtney, Susan, Lane, Mark, etc...I've got more pics to put up so be at BIG KAHUNA'S this Thursday and become part of the party and not just a spectator!!


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