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   Lake Charles Party DJ Troupe


Over 30 years in Radio, Nightclub & Mobile DJ experience! Playing PARTY tunes from the 50's to today's music including Zydeco, Country, Classic Rock, Disco, Motown, Jitterbug, New Wave & much, much more!! PHONE (337) 217-2300 for booking info.

 PARTY REPORT:Happy Birthday Tessa, Brody (from Lafayette) and our own CW waitress MALLORY (on Friday)!! GIRLS NIGHT OUT was a  P A R T Y night with the Wharf Rats! Serious Craziness from all who turned out... David, Carrie, Jo Jo, Lacy, Pennie, Tommy, Brittney, Steve,  Boyd, Jimmy, Robin, Jamie, Katie, Sarah, Gerald, Logan, Brandon, Kathy No Pics, Radonna & Ryan, Tangie and a whole lot more! Don't forget we are at The Wharf EVERY Wed (Ladies Night) and Thurs (The After The Pool Party Party).! See ya then!


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 Ladies Night at The Wharf

 Monday-Friday from 7-11pm

 Complimentary Draft Beer For All Unescorted Ladies  


Birthday Beer Bucket

Did you know that at The Wharf,  if it's your birthday, you get a complimentary bucket of beers with a valid I.D.


and we will give you a pair of OBB sunglasses and take your picture for our webpage !

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