Due to limited web space we could only put up a little over 60 pictures...however we took over 300 photos and if you would like to purchase a DVD of ALL the pictures that we took in a slide show format with selected songs that we played that night as background music then e-mail us at webmaster@obbdj.com. Each DVD is $29.99 plus $3.50 S&H and comes with a label and DVD sleeve or for $10 extra we offer a custom case with artwork. Please state that you are requesting info on how to purchase the PSC Christmas Party DVD in your e-mail. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery from date payment is received.

PARTY REPORT: Keri not only did us a favor by hiring us but she also entertained us and that's why I named her the Tasmanian Devil! Billy did a heck of a job as MC for the giveaways and had his hands in a little bit of everything (see pics) and then he and Paulette blew us all away by winning the O.B.B. Blowjob contest!! It was great to see Amy and Wendell again and those two love to dance and boy did they unlike Raymond who wouldn't even participate in our Soul Train but the gang got him back and it was all in good fun. Thanks to Jane & Mike, Sissy, Sherry, Sean and everyone else who made it so much fun at the P.S.C. Christmas party...hope we get to do it again next year! By the way some of the crazier pics are reserved for the DVD...believe me it's worth the money! Merry Christmas!!

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