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WE  ARE  NO  LONGER  AT  CAJUN'S  WHARF!     After 11 years we decided to leave the club we help create and make successful to pursue other avenues for our special brand of entertainment.



Over 30 years in Radio, Nightclub & Mobile DJ experience! Playing PARTY tunes from the 50's to today's music including Zydeco, Country, Classic Rock, Disco, Motown, Jitterbug, New Wave & much, much more!! PHONE (337) 217-2300 for booking info.



Due to limited web space we could only put up a 150 pictures...however we took over 350 

If you would like to purchase a CD with all of the pics we took then e-mail me at or text me at (337) 217-2300.

Each disc will include all the pics on this web page plus all the other pictures (in their raw unedited format) we took at the class reunion.


To reduce the cost of each DVD get together with family & friends and place an order for more than one DVD...

The cost of  a single CD of all the pictures order is $19.95 per disc plus $4.50 S&H.

If you order more than one disc the shipping will be reduced if they are shipped to the same address.

To place your order or for any questions you can call or text us at (337) 217-2300 or

 e-mail us at  with the number of copies you want, your address, your choice of payment (check or money order)


  Meanwhile enjoy this sampling of one great party!!

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