PARTY REPORT: What a great time we had. Rosa was ready to party and so was the rest of this crazy bunch...Bethany, Lisa, Nina, Peggy, Miranda, Josie, connie, Angie and everyone else was tearing up the floor! Jean & Carlos danced to a special dedication for their 45th wedding anniversary...Mike & "Filthy Phil" were using cameras to get out of dancing but ended up giving us a great air guitar performance...Lewis (Taco) from KSMB ended up babysitting but still hit the dance floor now & then and Rosa's daughter, Peggy, gave us her rendition of "Before He Cheats" which was awesome...the afternoon was topped off by seeing Todd again. His brother, Curtis, and I were best friends and the last time I saw Todd he was a little scrawny teenager...boy has he changed...but then again so have we all! Thank you Rosa for hiring us for this great party. I hope we get to do it again!!

Due to limited web space we could only put up a little over 75 pictures...however we took over 300 and if you would like to purchase a DVD of all the pics in a slide show format with selected songs that we played that day (yes including the "Cupid Shuffle") as background music then e-mail us at Each DVD is $29.99 plus $3.50 S&H and comes with custom artwork and case. Please state that you are requesting info on how to purchase the URDIALES FAMILY REUNION DVD in your e-mail.

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